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    More than twenty of the industry’s most prominent speakers and experts from the global Forex.

London Forex Expo Agenda


confidientiality-icon-2-300x256 8: 30- Delegates Arrival / Registrations





Speaker: A.Karim Yousfi Organiser



mic-a9:00 –  Finding your personal trading edge.


Talk will give an introduction to behavioral economics — why humans aren’t naturally programmed for trading success, followed by a walk through a series of findings from Chasing Returns work analyzing psychological metrics — discussing common patterns of behavior, and approaches to dealing with them.


Speaker: Ann Hunt



mic-a9:30-   The psychological journey of a day trader.


How professional traders think?

– Gambling approach vs study.

– Awareness of market conditions (news, Holidays, big events, etc…)

– The cost (spread, commissions, spread and commissions)

– Liquidity.



Speaker: Chance Wilson



mic-a10:00- Are you an equity investor? The Fed is your friend…


There is an ongoing debate on the impact of monetary policy on financial asset and macroeconomic volatility, with a number of economists claiming that quantitative easing has induced lower volatility in financial markets, while others believe that low interest rate policy and quantitative easing has created asset price distortions that could eventually create higher volatility both in financial markets, as well as in the real economy.


Speaker: John Galakis



mic-a10:30- Many hands make light work



Trading in isolation is tough. As a result taking a collegiate approach with trusted partners can often improve returns. Bouncing ideas off friends or people you respect is an excellent way to stay disciplined and ensure you don’t pursue bad ideas, but above all run winning trades to their maximum.


Speaker: Peter READ – CEO Pelican exchange




mic-a11:00-  Do you really have a trader mindset?


Catherine will be talking about mindset, what it is, why it’s important and why you might need to change your mindset to achieve success as a trader.


Speaker: Catherine Stott



mic-a11:30- Market moves for the remainder of 2016


After an eventful and volatile first half of 2016 Paul & Bryan will take a look at the possible market moves for the remainder of 2016 in three major markets: S&P500, EURUSD & EURGBP


Speakers: Paul Wallace and Bryan Noble




mic-a12:00- Multi Market Analysis for capturing the major new macro trends


How as a FX Trader, the other key markets still matter, as in the futures markets. We piece together how 2011 was the true top of the Commodity post Subprime rally.

How you might have positioned for the Macro trend on NOK, CAD, AUD against the USD and other major’s. Then we look forward as to what might beaver the next 2-3 years.


Speaker: Francis Hunt



mic-a12:30- Something About Forex – What is it all about? Similarities with trading equities and futures.


It is an introduction to Forex for people who never traded Forex. ..Who might have experience in equities…eg same fundamental and technical plus macroeconomic view can be used to trade .some pitfalls. ..pluses and minuses…money management. ..


Speaker: Andre Minasian



mic-a13:00- Trade as a business not as a hobby.


A holistic approach to trading includes knowing what type of a trader you are, accompanied with aggressive risk /money management and repetitive trading method that provide consistent outcomes.

How to identify trend and trade in a direction of prevailing trend.

Importance of engaging with likeminded traders and benefiting from support that trading community can provide.


Speaker: Phillip Konchar



mic-a13:25- LIVE NFP TRADING SESSION / live polling, Followed by an experts’ panel 

How June NFP can influence FED reserve decision.


Speakers: Ed MattsPhillip Konchar , Paul Walace , Francis hunt , Moderator: Zak Mir



mic-a14:00- How the Head and Shoulders Pattern said it was time to bet against Central Banks in 2016



Clive Lambert is one of the UK’s leading Technical Analysts and will “keep it simple”, talking about the well-known Head and Shoulders pattern, and how it gave a very clear signal this year that was completely against the fundamental outlook at the time.


Speaker: Clive Lambert



mic-a14:30- Understanding the Commitment of Traders report to give you an edge.


We will discuss the ever changing dynamic markets and how we overcome the most common issues of finding optimal trading entries that even a novice can replicate to generate consistent profits. Through the use of our unique approach, dissecting the charts technically and scrutinizing the macro economic variables and incorporation of COT analysis we will show you how to dramatically improve your results.


Speaker: Nishil Patel and Mark Owen



mic-a15:00- Bet The Farm


“This talk shows how (any kind of) analysis is overrated and size does matter in the markets more than you think. Next to that it addresses the difference between what you invest and what you risk and how we can risk to much but invest too little.”


Speaker: Dirk Vandycke






The things I have learned in 18 years of trading, and from the greatest Technicians in the world”


Speaker: Alex Spiroglou



mic-a16 :00- How is Brexit moving the markets?


Dr. Lumsden-Groom and the House of Trading team explore what the Brexit really means to traders. Join them as they take a look at the state of the world markets and the impact that Brexit is likely to have. With a live audience Q&A you can ask those questions that no one has answered yet!


Speaker: Dr. Lumsden-Groom



mic-a16:30- What Really Moves Markets


Ed is launching a new exciting service at MatrixTrade.com.  Drawing on over 20+ years of top level trading and analysis at major financial institutions, he will use FITS analysis (Fundamentals / Intermarket / Technical / Sentiment)  to produce effective trading strategies and signals. Ed will cite recent and future key events to demonstrate some outstanding current and imminent trades.


Speaker: Ed Matts



mic-a17:00- Inter-market analysis and trading  


Speaker: Ashraf Laidi




mic-a17 :30- Closing Remarks and Awards



Speaker: A.Karim Yousfi Organiser


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