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    The London Forex Expo , Where knowledge meets profit.

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London Forex Expo 2017 Agenda

confidientiality-icon-2-300x2568: 30 AM- Delegates Arrival / Registration


Speaker: A.Karim Yousfi


mic-a9:05 AM – Top 10 FX Trading Basics that you must know
Speaker: Anderson Edward – FXPRO


mic-a9:30 AM – The 6Cs of Swing Trading’
When swing trading it can be useful to follow the 6Cs: Confluence;
Context; Confirmation; Commit; Control and Close. Learn how you can
employ the 6Cs to improve your trading.
Speaker : Martin Walker


mic-a10:00 AM- The Importance of Flow Trading”.
“How to trade the flows properly and profitably”
Speakers : Ryan Littlestone and Mike Paterson


10 M Break


mic-a10:30 AM- A price pattern that can be used in all markets and in all
time frames “
In this short talk David Paul will introduce a simple pattern that will
simplify your trading in all asset classes. The pattern is visual and requires
nothing more than a bar chart. Examples will be shown from the
stock market, index futures and FX markets.
Speaker :David Paul


mic-a11:00 AM- Plan Your Trade & Trade Your Plan

10 Golden rules for new traders. How to achieve consistent trading
results by having a holistic view of the market, including Sentiment,
Fundamental & Technical analysis.
Speaker :Philip Konchar


mic-a11:30 AM- the S&P and EUR/USD for the rest of 2017 and why I believe
a recession is inevitable
Speakers: Paul Wallace and Bryan Noble


mic-a12:00 PM- Shortcut to profitability .
Practical tips to improve your performance .
Losing money the right way better than making money the wrong way !
Speaker : A.Karim Yousfi – AudaCity Capital

10 M Break


mic-a12:30 PM – Follow your favourite Mentors on Pelican Trading
Speaker : Peter Read – Pelican


mic-a13:00 – Experts Panel , Trading the politics : Brexit , Trump ,…
Speakers: A.Karim Yousfi , Ashraf Laidi , Phillip Konchar , Francis hunt
,Bryan Noble , Ed Matts –Moderator: Zak Mir


mic-a13:30- 1 Bar Price Reversals for 3x Profits
In this Presentation Rishi will be demonstrating how Master the Markets
‘Live Trading Rooms’ provide quantified analysis on key turning points
in the Market.
Speaker: Rishi Patel

10 M Break


mic-a14:00 – “The Most Overlooked Formation in the US Dollar”
– What is the biggest & least observed formation in the US dollar?
– Integrating Fundamentals and Technicals to this Formation
– Will USD direction vs EUR diverge from that against JPY?
– Is the worst over for GBP/USD?
– Trading the Gold vs Oil Battle
Speaker: Ashraf Laidi


mic-a14:30- Trade Forex Like The Best
Ed will demonstrate what really drives Forex markets using FITS (Fundamentals,
Intermarket, Technicals Sentiment) analysis and show how
Matrix generated over 140% in the last year by quantifying what the
best traders do.
Speaker :Ed Matts


mic-a15:00- The massive wealth expansionary game, most people are
‘How to separately Invest & Trade the Crypto’s’.
Speaker: Francis hunt



10M break



It is about recognising extreme tops and bottoms in any FX or INDICES
trading via technical analysis.
These moves can be confirmed by intuitive input that one can be trained
at – It can be developed by appropriate training and guidance
It is a combination of specific technical analysis programme and psychological
intuitive training.
Speaker: Andre Minasian


mic-a16 :00- How can you get capital allocated by joining the Toptradr
From trading your own account to manage a prop account for Toptradr
and finally end up on the desk of a large investment bank, Toptradr
might be the capital allocation program you were looking for to become
a pro.
Speaker: Francois Nembrini


mic-a16:30- Closing Remarks and Awards
Speaker: A.Karim Yousfi
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