Martin Walker

Martin Walker is full time Trader, Trading Educator and Mentor who is passionate about perfecting and teaching his trading techniques.  He owns which is aimed at helping struggling and new traders to master the markets. He started trading Forex in April 2008 and attended an International Traders Conference that October, where he met his former Forex mentors. Martin has run a Live Trading Room over the London Session and was the Head Trader of a Private Overseas Fund.

Prior to trading, Martin served in the Royal Navy for 36 years, joining at 16 as an apprentice technician and leaving as a senior Commander and Chartered Engineer.  He served in many ships including HMS Tiger, Brilliant, Fearless, Apollo, Avenger and Coventry and travelled extensively. 

He also worked in various organisations in the MOD, such as equipment projects, Fleet Head Quarters and Navy Support organisations, latterly serving as an Internal Consultant and as a Head of Strategy Development.